Feb 21, 2013


Today was the last day at work. I can't recall feeling this grand since the first day of summer vacation after the last day of high school. Possibilities dot every point on the horizon. I'm free!

I had hoped to leave without fanfare. I saw no need to endure one of those retirement gatherings where old colleagues strain for wit. It would be like having to sit through tepid eulogies at my own funeral. (At least in that case I wouldn't have to clench a smile and suppress the temptation to contradict.) But I didn't manage to get out of Dodge scott free. Our office Admin surprised me with a cake, a balloon and streamers on my door. Nice touch even if I couldn't eat the cake or muster genuine cheer for the faint praise from my boss or the others who thwarted our progress in order to win praise from on high.

Taking in tribute from the teamwith a lock-jaw smile
Yesterday was different. The team leaders took me out for a farewell lunch. They are a fine bunch. First rate! I was deeply touched, but I was about as comfortable as a suspecting stooge who's been called on stage as a sacrifice for audience pleasure. I gave some insipid speech about support for the new guy. But it was bogus. I'm certain my chosen successor will sacrifice my lost causes on the altar of risk. And, I'm sure these fine people deserve better than they will get.

But all that is now someone else's problem. As of today, my thoughts have turned to those long-promised home projects, and the mountains.