Gear List

Obligatory Gear List
(No self-respecting blog about hiking should be without one)

Base GearBackpack: Gossamer Gear Mariposa271.7
Base GearTent: Big agnes - Fly Creek UL-1
Tent, fly, stakes, poles, pole spint, footpring
Clothes1 pair Inner sock0.90.1
Clothes1 Pair Outer socks3.50.2
ClothesSmart wool bottoms6.20.4
ClothesSmart wool upper7.80.5
ClothesDown jacket12.40.8
ClothesFleece hat2.70.2
ClothesZip on legs for convertible shorts4.30.3
ClothesPantagonia torrent shell12.10.8
Clothesflip/flop camp shoes6.80.4
ClothesDry sack1.30.1
ClothesExtra Underwear2.30.1
ClothesExtra wool shirt5.30.3
Cooking gearBearVault BV450 Food Container332.1
Cooking gearFBC cozy1.40.1
Cooking gearMatches + lighter1.10.1
Cooking gearPot scrubber0.10
Cooking gearJet Boil Sol. Includes: cozy, lid, holder, cup12.30.8
Cooking gearTitanium spork0.30
First Aid KitKit: Band Aids, Aspirin, Advil, Benedril, Imodium, Alcohol swabs, Neosporin, Cardizem, Electrolyte, Lamisil, Steriod cream3.60.2
OptionalCamera Battery + charger + cable + plug4.80.3
OptionalMaps + reference1.50.1
OptionalSansa player + headphones1.30.1
Personal KitCash + cards1.10.1
Personal Kitcompass1.10.1
Personal KitEye Glasses + case2.40.1
Personal Kitflashlight: headlamp2.60.2
Personal KitKit: knife, tooth paste, toothbrush, floss, sunscreen, lip balm, mosquito net, leuko tape, Deet, Wipes, Soap10.40.6
Personal KitPen and notepad3.20.2
Personal KitPoop kit2.40.1
Personal KitTowel30.2
Personal KitTrash Bag20.1
Personal KitWebbing0.60
Sleeping GearDry sack20.1
Sleeping GearTherma-rest ProLite pad + repair kit14.50.9
Sleeping GearREI sub Kilo +20301.9
WaterBottle caps0.60
WaterPlatypus Hydration Pack: 3.80.2
WaterPlatupus 2L water bottle1.20.1
WaterSawyer filteration: filter, squeeze bag, suringe5.80.4